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kara (Punjabiਕੜਾ  is a steel or iron (sarb lohbracelet, worn by all initiated Sikhs. It is one of the five kakkars or 5Ks . The kara was instituted by the tenth sikh Guru Gobind singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanchar in 1699.

The kara is to constantly remind the Sikh disciple to do God’s work, a constant reminder of the Sikh’s mission on this earth and that he or she must carry out righteous and true deeds and actions, keeping with the advice given by the Guru. The Kara is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God.  It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of God. It is also a symbol of the Sikh brotherhood.

The basic kara is a simple unadorned iron bracelet, but other forms exist. The kara originated as a protective ring to guard the sword arm of the Khalsa warriors during battle when fighting armed with swords. The person who wears kara has to keep it clean, and not to remove it until there is some need or extreme requirement.


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